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Flourish is a comprehensive and creative corrective to a homeschool community that has lost sight of one our basic values-quality of life. It is an intensely practical and wise book. If you are homeschooling or intend to, read it.”

Michael Card
Award-winning author and singer-songwriter

“I have to confess that some days we’re just surviving at our house. It’s tough to juggle homeschooling, family life, and a home business. And I know I’m not the only homeschool mom out there struggling. We all could use some encouragement every now and then. Filled with practical ideas, Flourish will help you to finally put down the burdens God never intended you to carry. Mary Jo will help you move beyond survival and actually flourish in the roles God has given you. A must-have for every homeschool mama’s nightstand!”

Gena Suarez
Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Flourish is filled to the brim with inspirational stories of a seasoned mother who has lived a life of faith and integrity and who shares from wisdom invested in the trenches of homeschooling. My friend Mary Jo clearly defines exceedingly practical ideas for goal setting, life management, and making the homeschooling life work for you.”

Sally Clarkson
Author of Seasons of the Heart and coauthor of Educating the WholeHearted Child

“This book is a mentor’s manual for navigating the homeschool years. You can go to it over and over again for wisdom and answers to what you’re facing. Invaluable.”

Elizabeth Smith
Former Director of Development, Home School Foundation
Wife of Mike Smith, president of HSLDA

“I’m amazed at all the practical information Mary Jo Tate has included in this book. As homeschool moms, we’re trying to juggle at least thirteen balls at a time. If you want to flourish and find balance in your life, you’ve come to the right place. I wish I’d had this book when my kids were born, because it would have made my life a lot easier.”

Kerry Beck

“This is it-the one complete life management 101 course you need! Mary Jo has put the essential information you need to run your home, run a business, homeschool your kids, and build a Christian heritage in your family all in one easy place. If you’re a mom with kids at home, you’ll find wisdom here that will lead you into joy.”

Debra Bell
Author of The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling

“Mary Jo Tate addresses the very concerns and fears I hear over and over again from moms. This book is really sixteen in one, covering every topic from using your time wisely and training your children in responsibility and service to homemaking and running a home business. She transparently shares her unique challenges as a single parent, not only encouraging other solo parents, but also equipping married moms with practical tips to help the single-parent family.”

Vicki Bentley
Author of The Everyday Family Chore System and Home Education 101

“I have learned a shocking truth: Achieving balance in my life is not a myth! Flourish is a fabulous book that every homeschool mom needs to read! Mary Jo Tate gives hope and help to frazzled mothers so they can achieve balance and find margin in their lives. Each chapter includes activities and step-by-step exercises to put these plans into action in your own life. This book is a keeper, and it will stay next to me for a long time!”

Lee Binz

“Mary Jo brings the keen insight and outlook of a new millennium to the ideas and ideals I began homeschooling with thirty years ago. I want to homeschool again with Mary Jo’s book beside me, but my three adult children are probably too busy . . .”

Jan Bloom

“If you need assistance with anything related to sanity, motherhood, organization, sanity, child-rearing, stress relief, and sanity, Mary Jo Tate has been there and done that. This book is destined to become the go-to reference on just about every aspect of motherhood.”

Joanne Calderwood
Author of The Self-Propelled Advantage

“Homeschooling has a lot of moving parts. And if you add in a home business, daily living can seem overwhelming. When Mary Jo Tate found herself unexpectedly single with four sons to support, she buckled down and learned how to structure her life, homeschool, and home business in a way that allowed her family to grow together. Flourish shares Mary Jo’s life-tested strategies and provides encouragement and organization tools that really work.”

Janice Campbell

“If you desire to balance the time God has given you to accomplish all that He has asked of you, Flourish is the book that will help you do it! This book has encouraged me-as a homeschool mom and small business owner, widowed and now remarried-to take action. Mary Jo’s advice is invaluable for anyone who desires to find balance in their lives.”

Cathy Diez-Luckie
Figures in Motion

“Balancing the demands of raising a family, educating children at home, ministering to one’s community, and working to add to the household income is both a sharply-honed science and a well-appointed art. Mary Jo Tate demonstrates beautifully how to flourish in a life with such pressing demands, and she does it with grace and the wisdom that comes with experience. Flourish is the book I’ve been waiting to read for nearly two decades of homeschooling my own children.”

Kendra Fletcher
Author of Preschoolers and Peace

Flourish is a life coach/handbook for every homeschool mom. Whether your life needs a minor tweak or a major overhaul, Mary Jo Tate has no-nonsense advice for everything from managing your to-do list and homeschooling your children to starting a small business. Even if you implement only a few of her suggestions, Flourish could change your life, clarify your direction, and help you find productivity and peace. A must-read for everyone who struggles with getting it done.”

Jeannie Fulbright
Award-winning author of Apologia’s Young Explorer Series

“Struggling with balance in your life? Look no further. This guide offers real help and solutions that work. I’m too busy to waste my time on fluff, and Mary Jo Tate completely understands the busy mom’s need for answers now! With a touch of humor, real-life illustrations, and even help for moms who work at home, this book has become my go-to resource.”

Felice Gerwitz
Founder of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network

“I’m a time-management failure. My work-at-home-mom years bordered on chaos. Mary Jo Tate calmly and kindly has opened my eyes with these wise words: ‘Find peace in the space between the ideal and reality.’ Finally, I have hope for an ordered life!”

Maggie Hogan
Creative Director, Bright Ideas Press

“We homeschool moms wear many hats-wife, mom, teacher, principal, chauffeur, homemaker, chef, housekeeper, decorator, supervisor, child trainer, etc. And the list doesn’t always stop there. Some of us are also contributing to the family’s income by working from home or holding down outside jobs. There are days when it all feels overwhelming, especially when some of those hats get caught in a gusty whirlwind and blow off. Mary Jo Tate understands this and has learned the fine art of balance. Within these pages, she graciously shares the wisdom she has learned along her journey and generously provides the practical steps needed so that you too can find balance. Are you ready to flourish?”

Terri Johnson
Knowledge Quest

“Spending time in these pages is like chatting with a wise friend over coffee. Born from the author’s experiences as a busy homeschooling mom who also works from home, Flourish has made me excited about initiating some changes and doing things differently. Mary Jo inspires her readers to action with solutions that are both practical and flexible. I love how her honesty, transparency, and encouragement invite us to take baby steps toward living a more balanced, fulfilled life. Moms in every circumstance will find hope and help not simply to exist, but to flourish.”

Kim Kautzer

“Life-changing! That’s how you’ll feel about Flourish. Not only does Mary Jo Tate share the unique journey of becoming the sole financial support for her family, but she also shares practical and creative ways to thrive while overcoming the many obstacles common to homeschool moms. If you’ve ever longed for an older godly woman to encourage you in the areas of mothering, homeschooling, and home business-one who has really been there-you’ll love the wisdom found in this book!”

Jill Novak
Author of Every Day Is a Gift: Journal the Ordinary Moments of Your Extraordinary Life

“Not only does Mary Jo Tate address how we can evaluate and organize our priorities, but she also offers sound words of encouragement in training up our children to take on responsibility, share the load in managing the home, and incorporate education in all aspects of life. Even with our fourth and last child graduating this year, there is still much I will be taking with me from this book! I know that Flourish will be a blessing and an answer to prayer for many struggling moms out there trying to keep their heads above water.”

Amy Pak
Home School in the Woods

“This book is a breath of fresh air! Every page is filled with transparency, encouragement, and wisdom. Mary Jo gathers real-life wisdom from years of experience and shares it in a concise, easy-to-understand manual for every mother trying to establish healthy family and business habits.”

Shirley Solis
Family Catalyst at BuildingCharacterwithChildren.com

“The chapter on home business is packed with practical advice. It made this CPA smile! Warm, readable, and so doable. Mary Jo Tate is a business consultant who acts like a friend sharing a cup of tea and giving you advice with every sip!”

Carol Topp, CPA

“With humor and grace, Mary Jo Tate shows you how to lighten your burden and accomplish what’s really important. This is real, practical help and solid encouragement with no guilt!”

Hal & Melanie Young
Authors of Raising Real Men

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