Find Balance Faster with One-on-One Coaching!

Taking action on what you learn is essential if you really want to change your life. The action steps at the end of each chapter in Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms will help you get started, but my own experience has taught me that I get farther faster when I work with a coach. If you would like personal help in applying the strategies you’ve learned in Flourish to your unique situation, I’d love to work with you one on one! My coaching includes:

  • individual guidance
  • powerful brainstorming
  • customized problem solving
  • ongoing accountability

I’ll listen—really listen—to you and work with you to conquer your challenges and achieve your dreams. Sometimes I’ll ask tough questions, and I’ll do my best to stretch you and encourage you to grow, but always with compassion and understanding. I can give this kind of personal attention to only a few people, so if you’re ready to supercharge your progress, contact me today to apply for coaching!

What People Say about My Coaching…

“When it comes to clarity and focus, Mary Jo Tate has got it in spades. It must be the editor in her that gives her the ability to clear away the fluff and cut straight to the heart of the matter. Her well- Formed questions and articulate coaching have saved me hours of deliberation and analysis. But I must warn you, don’t even think about becoming accountable to her unless you’re ready to get in motion and stay there. Her life is in momentum, and whatever she puts her hand to takes off running.”

Louise Jones, Long Beach, California

“Mary Jo’s giftedness as an accountability coach is unsurpassed. She somehow manages to see and speak the truth to me right when I need it most, but always in her own special ‘firm but gentle’ way. Unlike many self-proclaimed coaches, she genuinely walks her talk and leads by example. Mary Jo has personally developed tremendous self-discipline and time management systems to set and achieve entrepreneurial goals in life circumstances that have caused many to simply throw up their hands and throw in the towel. If you’re tired of treating your dreams like a hobby, get serious and get coaching from Mary Jo!”

Patti Thompson, Alcoa, Tennessee

“I love to be around people who make me think, who challenge me, and who have fresh new ideas to explore. Mary Jo Tate is one of those people. She always seems to come at a problem from angles that never occurred to me, and I learn from her each time we talk. She is both encouraging and challenging, and her advice has proved practical and helpful to me many times. If you want to get your ideas on a track to completion, I can think of no one who would be a better mentor than Mary Jo!”

Marilyn Rockett, Cypress, Texas

“Mary Jo Tate has coached me in areas where I have needed a push—sometimes a shove. Her time-management skills and positive get-it-done attitude have helped me to be much more effective with each minute. She has listened to my whole picture and then given me much-needed, honest criticism. Some of it was uncomfortable, but it’s been exactly what I needed to move ahead. Our brainstorming sessions have yielded an abundance of well-put-together, practical ideas.”

Katherine Gowan, Louisville, Kentucky